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Orthokeratology, also known as Ortho-K, is a corneal refractive therapy that corrects myopia while you sleep. 

A special retainer lens is worn overnight that gently reshapes your cornea and corrects your vision. 

Ortho-K is a modern alternative to glasses, contacts or laser surgery. One great advantage of ortho-k is that it is fully reversible because it does not remove or damage any of the corneal cells.

This process works by a slight hydraulic force created by the retainer, which gently moves the corneal tissue, thereby reducing myopia.

At Orbit, our practitioners use only Ortho-k lenses approved by the FDA and Health Canada for the overnight correction of myopia in children and adults.


Myopia is more than just needing glasses. Myopia is actually a global epidemic for two reasons:

1) Increased myopia is accompanied by a dramatic rise in the incidence of eye disease and vision loss because of the effects of axial eye elongation.

2) Myopia is rising rapidly in part because of the dramatic increase in viewing time of digital devices by children and young people today. Myopia is expected to reach 52% of the global population by 2050.

It's especially important for parents of young children to take action before myopia is advanced to a high degree. There are several options available that will slow and reduce myopia progression, thereby preventing or reducing the chance of future eye disease.