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I don't think I can wear contact lenses


We hear every day from patients that they didn't think they could wear contact lenses, and they were surprised when they learn they are actually excellent candidates. This is usually because, in the past, these patients were not great candidates. But that's only because the technology we have today was not available 20 years ago, or even 10 years ago.  


Today, almost everyone can wear contact lenses.  More importantly, they can get better vision than they did with glasses. This is a key distinction. No one wants to be told they can wear contacts, only to find out the vision is subpar. Or that the lenses are so uncomfortable they actually feel pain while wearing them. That was often the case in the past. 


Still, the best way to try contact lenses is by booking a comprehensive contact lens evaluation. At your appointment, we will conduct a variety of safe, painless, diagnostic tests that will help us decide a lens wear option that is right for you. Then, we'll put you on a trial period with proper instructions and a followup appointment. At the followup appointment we'll make any necessary changes to the lens parameters before finalizing your lens fit.

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How do I know if I

can wear contact



What could prevent me from wearing contacts?


The vast majority of patients that come to ORBIT are good candidates for some type of lens correction. However, there are some factors that could potentially affect your suitability, including:


If your tear film is insufficient, then this may impact your potential to wear contact lenses successfully. And while you can’t see the quality of your tears, our eye care professionals will take accurate measurements at your appointment. This information will help us recommend  the lens options that will provide you the healthiest vision long term.



There are some occupations that are not particularly suited to contact lens wear. If you work in an extremely dusty or dirty environment this may prevent you from wearing some types of contact lenses. Please ask us during your appointment.



If you have certain pre-existing conditions, like recent eye surgery or microbial infection of the eye, then you are unfortunately not permitted to wear contact lenses at this time.


Use of eye medications that are contraindicated with contact lenses or any medication that may cause dry eyes, increased eye sensitivity or blurred vision.

The above are just some things we look at before you are given the go-ahead to wear contact lenses. Ultimately, the best way to know if you are a good candidate, however, is to book a thorough assessment with our knowledgeable staff.


You can book a contact lens evaluation and receive a free one month supply of contact lenses. 

Book an appointment here.

"The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision."
-Helen Keller
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